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Easily find tutor that fits your criteria.

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Quick turnaround time after sending in your tutor request.

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100 % REFUND

If you are not satisfied we 100% refund.

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Get the service you deserve.

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We guarantee market price or lower.

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We'll match you everytime.

Trusted Online Tution

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Professional Tutors

from IITs and other premier colleges, with a minimum of 5000 hours of teaching experience.

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Unlimited Practice Tests

Assignments and practise tests that are tailored to your needs. Daily revision and assessments that the learner may design based on his or her responses.

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Personal Attentions

A customised learning plan that adjusts to the needs of each student. based on the student's individualised learning and customised assignments.

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Free Trial Classes

Get a free academic consultation to get started on the road to success. Interested home tutors will apply to teach you at home, and we'll set up a free trial lesson with one of them.


Frequently Asking Question’s

Shiksha Academy is a platform where parents, students and home tutors can easily connect with each other. We provide qualified home tutors (offline and online) to help your child with studies, helping them perform better in exams.
As Shiksha Academy provide both offline and online classes, the requirements are pretty flexible and basic. For online classes, A Laptop/Desktop/Computer/Tablet/Mobile a stable internet connection and for offline classes a quiet dedicated space.
For one to one individual classes, timings will be as per convenience of students. For group classes, the class days & Class time is pre-fixed by Teaching Care.
Yes, we have experienced and qualified tutors who cover a wide range of subjects.
At Shiksha Academy, we are committed to provide you only the best home tutor. To ensure this, our tutors are interviewed by one of our team members and also the tutor verification process is done to make sure only the right and eligible home tutors get connected with us and become a part of our network.